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Professional perspectives and information on benefit management to help you succeed. 

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Using Online Benefit Management Portals for Dental Offices

By Matt Martin
Web portals create greater efficiency and faster turnaround times. That translates to less time spent on administrative tasks. Learn more by watching this video blog.

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How client experience teams help health plans succeed

By Teresa Velk
Payers who are responsible for delivering government-sponsored healthcare face several significant challenges in their mission to be the best possible stewards of the programs they administer. This includes programs such as Medicaid where payers are tasked with stretching limited dollars to provide the most access, to the most appropriate and efficient care, for the most members.


How Daily Payments Can Help You Build your Medicaid Dental Provider Network

By Gail Buenger
Attracting dentists to a Medicaid dental provider network isn’t easy. Typically these programs pay only a fraction of what commercial plans offer. As a result, dentists tend to join because they feel a moral, altruistic calling to serve the most vulnerable population and have a desire to expand their patient rosters.


Things Medicaid Dental Members Should Know Before Visiting the Dentist

By Mike Kilduff, Jeanine Saer, & Tina Johann
Dental wellness is an important contributor to your overall health and wellbeing. It can have an effect on your ability to eat the foods you want, speak clearly, and even sleep at night. It can also have an effect on your self-esteem, the way you interact with others socially, and your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.


Insurance software that improves the provider experience gives payers a competitive advantage

By Patrick Ruesch
Much has been written in the last few years about how payers need to use insurance software to improve the customer experience in order to attract and retain members. Especially with the addition of millions of individual member policies as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Not to mention the increased importance of patient satisfaction scores. Yet there is another group that is just as important to payer success whose user experience needs to be considered carefully as well – the provider network.


Become a high-performing Medicaid Dental program by keeping your focus on lower benefit costs

By John Schaak
Whenever the talk turns to cutting Medicaid dental costs, the focus is often on reducing administrative fees. Yet while it is important to keep administrative fees low, they represent only about 5% of any program’s total cost. The biggest opportunity to bend the cost curve lies in the other 95%, i.e., the actual benefit costs. This is where the highest-performing Medicaid dental programs are focused—saving a few dollars, instead of a few pennies, per member per month.


Addressing the Impact of Medicaid Dental Insurance Fraud

By Lisa Sweeney
Despite greater awareness and law enforcement’s efforts to crack down, Medicaid dental insurance fraud continues to be big business. A simple Google search on that term will confirm this unfortunate fact, serving up article after article about dentists being prosecuted for fraud, waste and abuse (FWA), often on children in the Medicaid dental program.


Rolling the dice on adding Medicare dental to your Medicare Advantage plan

By Mark Borca
For Medicare Advantage (MA) managed care plans, the decision on whether to add Medicare dental coverage is a roll of the dice. On the plus side, if adding dental helps the plan pull members away from other managed care organizations (MCOs) and increase market share, it can be a huge win.


Offline and Falling Behind

By Matt Martin
I doubt that when many dentists first dreamed of going to dental school that checking patient eligibility, submitting insurance claims or chasing down payments is what they pictured. Given how time-consuming and painful those tasks can be, you’d think they would leap to sign up for free online portals that do the job faster and more efficiently. But in many cases you’d be wrong.


A look at trends that will affect payers in 2016 - and beyond

By Greg Borca
With an election year upon us once again it seems like everyone is even more interested in the future than usual. That’s what caught my eye about an insightful article in Managed Healthcare Executive from a couple of thought leaders at GE Healthcare Camden Group.


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