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Scion Dental Leverages World-Class Technology for Accelerated Claims Processing

Menomonee Falls, WI, January, 2015 – Scion Dental, a distinguished dental management company, announced today yet another technology innovation to ensure dental payers can drive operational efficiencies by offering continuous, 24/7 processing of incoming claims and prompt review of authorizations to deliver faster reimbursement resolution as well as higher provider and member satisfaction.

In today’s healthcare environment, much of the work of processing claims and authorizations remains mired in manual tasks. Even if data is submitted electronically, the actual processing often requires human intervention – which can cause errors and significant delays when staff is suddenly inundated with claims. New innovations, however, are replacing these manual tasks with automated, rules-based technologies that will accurately process nearly all claims and quickly identify instances when immediate authorization or expert review and intervention are required. This process can result in higher levels of clean, electronic claims going from submission to payment status within the same day.

Scion Dental’s proprietary benefit management software, called the Enterprise System, takes traditional challenges related to delays in claims processing and authorization out of play with an integrated system architecture and customized packages of business rules that establish workflows to investigate questionable claims and delegate immediate review. The intricate software design allows the claims processing system to perform automated crosschecks and relationship edits as well as audits on all claims based on each client’s unique requirements. Designed for complex processing, the Enterprise System routinely achieves auto-adjudication rates of nearly 99% while continuing to instill a careful process for dental review when certain claims require an expert level of analysis.

“We have spent over 20 years designing the Enterprise System to be the world’s most efficient platform for dental and vision benefit administration,” stated Craig Kasten, Chief Executive Officer. “With unparalleled levels of automation, our teams continue to focus on ensuring that each claim submitted reflects the appropriateness of actual services performed.”

The organization’s ability to perform continuous claims processing delivers commercial payers and government entities a multitude of benefits. Accurate and on-time payment to providers, accelerated cycle times, and the continual push toward automation all lead to Scion Dental’s goal of helping to reduce the cost of benefit delivery.

Scion Dental, part of a family of companies specializing in benefit management, is a distinguished dental administration company focused on bringing next-generation claims management and technology solutions together for government entities and commercial payers that enable them to improve process efficiencies, achieve compliance, and dramatically reduce the cost of delivering benefits. Because of dedicated workflows focused on preventing fraud and abuse, millions of people, including America’s children, receive the quality dental care they need.

Contact Info:
Christine Rudella
Director of Marketing

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